Turok Steinhardt Children's Anti-Blue Glasses Take Care of Your Kid's Eyes

It seems like today we and electronic devices are inseparable. Most of our time we spend in front of digital screens, which are actually really bad for our eyes. They produce harmful radiations that can affect the eyes and lead to various health issues. Do we want this to happen to us? And what about the younger generation and little kids?

Just imagine that youth uses 4-5 times the recommended amount of technology, according to surveys. Laptops, tablets, and smartphones are being used not only at home but are also becoming an important part of education. However, finding a balance between the appropriate use of electronics and overuse of our devices is a challenge in the era of digital revolution. So is there a way to protect the eyes of kids and youngsters? Yes, there is. If it seems like an impossible mission to help the kid to reduce the usage of technologies, not talking about giving them up completely, let the kid wear special glasses.

We all know that the screens of digital devices emit blue light. Since children are more sensitive than adults, even small doses of the light can be harmful to their eyes, deteriorating the retinas and that is the biggest cause of blindness.

Adults usually wear glasses that offer 30% of the blue light protection rate, while the children need even higher blue light blocking rate. Thus Turok Steinhardt Children’s Anti-Blue Glasses feature 50% blue blocking rate lenses, to better protect your children’s eyes. Children will have the best screen viewing experience not only because of that but also because the glasses allow to see things through them without any color distortion, yellow tints or darkened pictures.

The skin of the children is really soft, sensitive and relatively immature. Turok Steinhardt Children’s Anti-Blue Glasses feature a frame made of anti-allergic skin-friendly material. The frame weighs only 7 grams, which effectively reduces the burden on the nose and ears. The nose pads also use hypoallergenic skin-friendly material and have a non-irritating odor.

The light damage to the eyes from the displays varies with age. The blue energy is absorbed by the retina at different ages with different proportions, for example, at the age of 2 about 70 to 80% of it is absorbed, 60 to 70% of it is absorbed, when the child is up 10 ten years old, about 50 to 60% of it is absorbed when you are around 15–20 years old, about 30 to 50% of it is absorbed when you are an adult, and about 20% of it is absorbed when you are over 60.

This is why visual development of infants and young children is especially important. A pair of anti-blue glasses, like TS Turok Steinhardt Children’s Anti-Blue Glasses, can are essential to protect the kid’s eyesight.

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