Turok Steinhardt Sunglasses Is the Best Choice for Sure! Even Lei Jun Chooses TS!


At the recent Mi 6X presentation in China, many Xiaomi fans once again were excited by the total look of the company’s CEO Lei Jun.

The sharp-eyed fan noticed at a glance not only Mi Band 3 spoilers but also which brands Lei Jun prefer. Now we talk about sunglasses Lei wore all the time and even did not forget to take a few selfies in it!

Namely, Lei wore nylon polarized sunglasses Turok Steinhardt. And not just wore them, but also posed in them for the photo with his friend and one of the Xiaomi founders — jolly Lin Bin.

Those aviator-style sunglasses is the most classic glasses that banish rays. It is not only very friendly to people with a various type of face shapes but also suitable for men, women, and children. It is a must-have for travel or vacation.

It is said that the Turok Steinhardt accessories are the favorite of Lei Jun since he really likes the materials it is made of.

TS polarized sunglasses has the best choice of lens material — shock-resistant polarized nylon. This material is often used in high-precision equipment such as military appliances and aerospace, has excellent optical performance and physical properties, the material itself can block almost 100% UVA / UVB rays, also lightweight and high strength.

The rim of solid 304H stainless steel is extremely light — the glasses weigh only 18 grams, which makes them simply “weightless” and very comfortable to wear for a long time. This stainless steel material is widely used in food and medical industries — it is lightweight, anti-corrosion, and will not cause skin allergies.

The accessory is incredibly effective — its lenses reflect 100% ultraviolet radiation.

Wide lenses, light and lasting frame, beautiful reflection of ultraviolet and extremely stylish “aviator” design — the head of Xiaomi know a lot about really cool things!

We are fully approving the choice of the charismatic and stylish Lei Jun, since these glasses are really extremely classy!

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