MITU Crawler Builder Bunny Block Robot — a New Model of the Toy-Constructor

Technologies for developing artificial intelligence are improved every day. And if earlier assembling the robot with your own hands seemed something unrealistic, today it is no longer a surprise that it can be done by everyone. The robot is not a complicated toy anymore that only adults can play with. Now you can share this pleasure with the child and provide him with interesting leisure and training time.

Earlier, Xiaomi released a very successful model of a robot Mi Bunny Block Robot. This toy reminds of LEGO with some new technical developments. It can be assembled from the pieces made of an environmentally-friendly material. This robot, like a smartphone, is equipped with a processor and an operating system. Thanks to these innards like that, the robot perfectly keeps balance while standing and can move with a small load (up to 3 kg).

Also, the manufacturers took safety measures to prevent fire. Thus motor automatically switches to the safe mode of operation in case of overheating. The main controller also includes 4 USB Type-C connectors, so you can install a camera or for example a flashlight on your robot. It’s incredibly easy to control a robot. Xiaomi has developed a special application that is available both on the Android and iOS. You just install it on your smartphone and connect to the robot via Bluetooth.

To control the robot, three modes are available:

  • normal (with the usual remote control);
  • gyromode (control by tilting the phone);
  • with a help of a route drawn on the smartphone screen.

And if you are afraid that you cannot control the robot, because you do not know the programming, you can forget about all doubts. The robot programming system is block and graphic. You just give the robot the sequence of actions and it performs them all in a given order. There are limitless possibilities for improvisation. But why the novelty is better than the previous model? The new MITU Crawler Builder Bunny Block Robot now has a caterpillar track to overcome various obstacles on its route. In addition to the three available control methods, the robot will also understand the voice commands. For now, it supports basic commands as “forward-back”, etc.

All fans of this robot-constructor wondered what kind of robot can be assembled from the pieces in the kit? If Mi Bunny Block Robot could transform into a robot on wheels, a futuristic place, or a dinosaur, considering that the new robot has caterpillar tacks, you can also make up a tank.

And if you want to dive into childhood again or give a fascinating entertainment to your child, MITU Crawler Builder Bunny Block Robot is exactly what you need. A modern toy with a lot of possibilities.

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