Understanding the Nature of the Mi Purifier Air Filter

Can you imagine what a Mi Air Air Purifier filter deals with every day? Dust, dirt, hairs, benzyls, cigarette smoke, PM2.5 particles to name the few! Yuck! We could be inhaling all of it if not for the filter. 

We had to replace the filter that had been in use for over a month. It looked really dirty and we were about to throw it away when an interesting idea popped into our heads to tear it into pieces to show you, and finally find out ourselves, how it looked like on the inside. So we did and here is what were saw.

First came the plastic grid of the pre-filter. It is tasked to stop bigger particles of dust.

Then we saw the famous HEPA filter. It wraps 360 degrees around the fan and is made out of thickly pressed fibers that resemble a net. Such a design allows to capture smaller harmful particles, but the air comes through easily. 

And this is what we were most interested in — the carbon filter. Wow! The layer of these carbon activated granules traps odors and toxins in the air. 

If you are one of those people who are sensitive to air quality, be positive with a filter system like that Mi Air Air Purifier is a must-have device in the house. And if you are one of lucky those who has never had issues with air quality Mi Air Purifier will do you no harm. It is better to prevent than cure, right? 

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