Unique Viomi Stainless Steel Vacuum Thermos Cup

To your attention a new metal thermos that will help to keep any liquids hot or cool. Thermos Viomi vacuum cup comes in a cardboard box with icons that indicate some of its characteristics and has an image of the product itself.

Inside the box is the thermos itself, the bulb is made of stainless steel 316, and the outer part is colored, stable to abrasion, it also does not slip and is pleasant to the touch.

The most striking detail is the locking system; it is different in color from the main black color of the thermos. To open the lid, you need to do two things: first, unscrew the bracket, and then slide the button that blocks the lid.

Read about the operation longer than actually execute. You can open the lid with one hand, which is very convenient.

The features of the lid are not only to store safely the desired temperature. This design allows you to not burn your fingers, even if in the thermos — boiling water.

After opening the lid, you will see a food grade silicone stopper and another white cover with a hole from which it is convenient to pour or drink the liquid. It can also be unscrewed. Inside you can see the flask of the rust-resistant stainless steel 316, which withstands the influence of acids and resist corrosion. It should be clarified that, despite the solid appearance of the thermos, it is very light, and at the same time it perfectly keeps the temperature.

Between the outer case of the thermos and the inner flask is a heat-insulating material — copper. In addition, the inside of the shiny metal can effectively reflect the heat, reducing its losses, greatly enhancing the effect of insulation from the cold.

The water with a temperature of 60 °, dropped to only 50 ° after 4 hours in the thermos.

Almost the same thing happens with cold water. The thermal insulation effect is maintained even at a temperature of plus 30 °. Thermos Viomi stainless vacuum cup guarantees that even ice water will be kept cold for 24 hours.

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