Unpacking and the First Glance at the Mi 8 Transparent Edition!

Xiaomi has no secrets to keep. And the best way to show it is presenting a “transparent” smartphone.

The company has many fascinating devices in its MioT — Mi internet of Things.

But the flagship smartphone Mi 8 Transparent Explorer Edition, by the right became one of the most intriguing and original models.

A lot of disputes and discussions were conducted around his transparent back cover.

A huge number of rumors arose around the inner elements of the flagship, which are visible under it.

Someone thought that it just a picture under the cover.

Perhaps these photos will help dispel some of the myths that were created around this impressive device.

Meet a series of live photos of the Mi 8 Transparent Explorer Edition.

The device comes in a presentable black box. So classy!

Inside it, in its individual “case”, lays this beautiful gadget with a transparent back.

It really is transparent, allow you to see some of the internal structure of the flagship.

It looks rather unusual and very stylish, especially near the message to the fans from Lei Jun, which is written on the inside of the box in golden letters.

Look, Xiaomi engineers really managed to create a transparent and sturdy glass cover device.

Its more than impressive appearance and cool design!

As you can see, no speculation, but only real “live” photos.

Mi 8 Transparent Explorer Edition is a truly beautiful and powerful flagship with a transparent glass back panel of the case!

Great idea of the Chinese brand marketers and engineers, is not it?

You can find more info in the video below:


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