Useful Tip for Storing the Seasonal Cloth

We believe that very soon we will say goodbye to the winter and cold weather. But the new spring season means that we should replace the clothes in our wardrobe. It is not the problem to gather all our fur coats, winter parkas and so on. But the main question is how to keep your winter clothes in the off-season? How can we protect the clothes from dust and take a proper care of them?

The main enemies of clothes during the long-term storage are dust and high dampness, which can cause pathogenic bacteria.

How to organize proper storing of seasonal clothes? Firstly it should be kept in a well-ventilated room or the wardrobe for this purpose. In addition, you should find the proper garment bag. The polyethylene bag is not suitable for storing clothes because it creates an environment for rapidly reproducing the bacteria and even the mildew.

That’s why the Nature Household brand has launched at the Xiaomi Crowdfunding Platform the special Garment Bags for storing the clothes. It is made of sturdy Oxford material that allows the clothes to breathe, preventing the development of a fungus or pathogenic bacteria.

These garment bags can be also be used to keep the clothes you wear several times a year — like suits, tuxedos, and the evening dresses. The proper use of a dustproof garment bag will extend the life of your favorite clothes.

Like every product of the Xiaomi Ecological Chain, this product is made of eco-friendly material. You can buy it in two colors: blue and pink.

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