VH 104 USB Cooling Fan – Wave Your Hand and It Will Turn On

Summer, heat... In summer time familiar feeling that you like a zombie, isn’t it? And if you for some reason don’t want to turn on the air conditioner, the only way to get the cool air is not to get in the refrigerator. So if you want to survive you should turn on the fan. But you would not want to bring a big device to work, right?Xiaomi is ready to offer you a version of savior — VH 104 USB Cooling Fan. This portable fan can easily fit on your desktop and can provide you the coolness all day long.

Firstly, you should pay your attention to the design. The model is available in black and white. Its dimensions are 12.0×12.0×10.0cm and can easily fit into the interior of any room. Also there is a special handle, made of leatherette, which will serve as a stand for the fan. Alternatively, you can use it to hang the fan on the wall.

The fan can blow in both directions. It has 5 blades on one side and 7 on the opposite. Thanks to a special double engine, which rotates all the fan blades at once, the air flows are combined. This approach allows to minimize the noise level. According to the manufacturer VH 104 USB Cooling Fan works so quietly that it will not wake even a baby.And yes, you understood everything right. The fan is useful not only in the office, but also at home.

Power is provided through a USB cable, which up to 1 meter long. It can be connected to the computer while you are working or connect to other devices, for example, to a powerbank.The device is easy to turn on. Thanks to a smart control system, just touch the body of fan or wave your hand in front of it. Children will definitely appreciate this trick and will think you are a wizard.

The fan operates at two speeds. The removable blades are easy to wash and clean when it is necessary. The fan consumes not much energy — its power is 5W.

And the box, in which the fan came, is made from recycled cardboard, which is very ecological. But how to use this box is the flight of your imagination.

In general this is very practical and modern portable fan. Qualitative assembly and eco-friendly materials is what characterizes VH 104 USB Cooling Fan. Give yourself freshness and coolness during summer days, but at the same time comfort and relaxation.

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