Viomi L1 UV Germicidal Water Purifier: Healthy Lifestyle Begins with Clean Water

Xiaomi has put itself as an enthusiastic player in the home innovations business. Lately it has shown deep concern in the quality of natural elements we consume every day — air and water. Air Purifier 2 success bolstered Xiaomi confidence in making purifying equipment. With harmful targets, lurking in the air, already neutralized, it is time to think about in-water threats. Welcome a new purifying agent code-named Viomi L1 UV Germicidal Water Purifier.

Key characteristics:

  • Purification capacity: 2000 L / day
  • Water pressure: 0.1–0.4 MPa
  • Applicable water temperature: 5–38 °C
  • Rated power: 96 W
  • Rated voltage: 220 V
  • Size: 150×434×414 mm
  • Weight: 11.8 kg

Filtering at a speed of 2000 L / day, this tap water purifier makes use of special filtration technology, called reverse osmosis (RO), where water runs through a membrane that catches contaminants with accuracy of 0,00001µm5 stage filtration system includes ultraviolet sterilization that helps to root out 99,99 % of microorganisms without adding chemicals to water.

For UV water treatment Xiaomi took germicidal lamps that emit UV light and have an ability to change the DNA-structure of bacteria, thus preventing them from reproducing. According to the website, UV lamps can work for 60000 hours without replacement.

The new water purifier features artificial intelligence technology, enabling it to self-regulate, including self-cleaning, sealing to prevent leakage when the water is not used and automatic shutdown in case of power surge.

Viomi water purifier can be connected to the phone using Mi Home App, where it sends reports on water sterilization rate, calculates average water consumption and other.

To ensure water is safe for drinking, city water system has to be strictly controlled. However, it does not mean it is clean from all the pollutants. Tap water can contain different contaminants that change water scent, color and taste and also affect your health gravely. The use of water filter improves overall quality of water and destroys dangerous impurities.

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