Viomi Museum That Represents How Smart Home of the Future Should Look Like

Have you ever dreamt about the kitchen like in a movie about far future where all the actions can be made only by your voice command? So, there is your chance to see it in a real life.

Wuxy citizens are lucky because recently in this city was opening of the Viomi technics museum. In this museum was officially settled the Viomi “Smart Home” devices. Now we can realize that Internet of things conception is closer than we think.

So, this is a first intelligent home devices experience museum. The starting of the event was accompanied by bustling sounds of gongs and drums. The addition of the show was the dance performance.

Moreover, the company working on cooperation with Jiangnan University to create a Jangnan University Internet of Things Institute with social practice base.

Viomi museum opening

presentation of new museum

opening of Viomi museum


opening of Viomi museum

Viomi general manager

Wang Mi, the general manager of  Viomi  is proud of the launching of this project and remember how it was started from just the usual water purifier.And it was a long way but what they have nowadays is a really large-scale base to work about smart devices of future.One of the examples is Viomi refrigerator that can make phone calls and allows you to listen to music or the hood that controls the air flow automatically.

Viomi museum

Viomi museum

Viomi museum of technics

Viomi museum

This museum warmly welcomed the majority of people to see and test the latest new products. And we know that it is only the start.

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