Viomi Smart Water Heater — New Smart Device for Your Kitchen

The latest advances in technology and design were again used by the company Viomi to create “miracle” for your kitchen. Stylish and compact this device is a Viomi smart water heater. So this is a great addition to the Smart Home family.

It’s enough just to push the sensor and to get a glass of warm drinking water, or a cup of hot tea.

The Viomi heater warms the water faster than the analogues of other manufacturers, while it is very economical — the power of the device is 2050W.

In addition to this the Viomi water heater has a temperature storage function, which makes it possible to boil the water in 1 second. The device is equipped with a thermostat with a high-precision temperature sensor. The error of the device is 1 degree Celsius.

It’s not a secret that the taste of water significantly deteriorates if it overheats. The water heater from Viomi has a heating control function, so you can adjust the temperature of the drinking water to your choice.

Moreover the Viomi gadget has a water level sensor, a water flow return valve, an additional temperature sensor that controls overheating. Important function is the protection from children — the lid, which is difficult to open for the baby. This design makes the device absolutely safe.

An interesting feature of the device is that it compares the functionality of water heater and water filter. The filtration system provides the maximum cleaning of every sip of water.

The water tank can hold 4 liters, which can satisfy the daily water requirement of any person. A convenient removable tank greatly simplifies the use of the heater in terms of refilling and cleaning.

The water heater can be used to maintain water temperature in three ranges: room temperature, hot at 50 degrees Celsius, and boiling water at 100 degrees Celsius.

And, of course, don’t forget that the water heater from Viomi is a gadget of Smart Home and you can control it via your smartphone. You can get the desired water temperature in one touch of smartphone sensor. The application also allows users to monitor the water quality at any time and sends the notifications every time you need to change the filter.

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