Washing Capsules – "Must Have" for a Modern Housewife

Every housewife often should make a complicated choice about what detergent for washing the clothes to choose. How not to become confused with a big amount of washing conditioners and laundry detergents? The solution of this problem depends on what temperature of washing clothes require and what type of material they are made of.

Special washing capsules have become popular recently because unlike the traditional washing detergent these capsules instantly dissolve in water and effectively remove the stains.

washing capsules

You will be surprised but now Xiaomi offers you these special washing capsules. A little but cute box with 60 capsules of concentrated washing gel inside should take place on your shelf in the bathroom.

Many mums know how it looks like when your child goes for a walk and after that you think only about how it could get this big amount of stains and how to get rid of them. These small blue capsules not only refresh your clothes but effectively neutralize any types of stains. Active ferments in the gel do it carefully. The manufacturer says that this small capsule with the weight only 5 grams can replace the 30 grams of traditional washing gel. Moreover, this box is really compact as compared to a big washing powder bag.

washing capsules size

These capsules can be used for different types of cloth like cotton, flax, silk, cashmere, down or some synthetic materials and even baby clothes. You don’t have to cut this capsule because it is covered with a water-dissolvable film. One capsule is designed for one washing and it makes this process more convenient because you don’t have to dose it like you do with the usual washing gel. Save your time.

washing capsules

washing capsules

Capsules have active components for color protection and for the antistatic effect (especially for woolen clothes).

The natural aroma will transfer you to the sea beach or in the blooming garden. The scent of sandalwood, peony, and jasmine will give you a fresh aroma on your clothe.

Washing capsules are not only convenient but very practical. You won’t have to cope with white stains on clothes that are so common after you wash them with a powder. And the conditioning effect will make it your favorite detergent for washing.

washing capsules

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