Washing Machine of the Future by MINIJ

The invention of the washing machine made people’s lives extremely convenient. But today we will talk about the unusual and quite interesting representative of MINIJ Brand.

MINIJ Smart Washing Machine supports 8 washing modes.

The DD (Direct Drive) motor replaces the traditional belt drive mode, which is less energy-saving. This type of motor rotates coaxially, precisely controls the washing cycle, and runs more smoothly and quietly.

MINIJ Smart Washing Machine can provide the high-temperature washing (95 °C) which is a more effective way for sterilization. The washing capacity of the model is 3 kg.

The foam sensor can also intelligently sense the amount of foam residue in the water, automatically adjust the number of rinses and washing time, effectively reduce the detergent residue and wash more cleanly.

The noise level of the machine is 45dB, so you shouldn’t worry that during the work it will disturb your sleeping baby.

It is worth to note the unusual design of the model. The form-factor adopts the design of water drops. The construction is wall-mounted. Just imagine how much free space you will get. This machine really looks like the piece of art on the wall. It has been polished by thousands of times to create a curved shape like the water drop.

The design of the model is equipped with a big LED touch-screen for easy and smart control.

MINIJ really looks like the appliance of future thanks to its eye-catching design and high-tech functionality. That’s why it is not surprising that the model has got the IF and Reddot International Design Award.

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