Fake Yi Action Camera


Every Xiaomi fan knows how the Yi Action Camera looks like. But no one is safe from fake. So read this description attentively.


Brand. The name of the manufacturer is HuaGuo

Sensor. Description says it’s a 14 MP sensor and even on the image camera has got a screen. But don’t forget that a picture can be faked. But original Xiaomi has IMX206 Sony sensor.

Chipset. There is no any information about it.

Lens. 172o fisheye wide-angle; 6G

Video resolution. Too many questions about its abilities because too many different information. On the package there is 4K Ultra HD, table says 1080p 60fps and there is 2K 1440p in the description. So we are absolutely confused about this camera.

Photo Resolution and Format. It says 14MP jpg maximum.

Display. It proposes a 2 inch LCD screen.

Battery. Again you will find many discrepancies in the description: 900 mAh removable battery and 90 mAh too. Whuch one is true? Remember, original Xiaomi Yi Action Camera International Version has 1100 mAh Sony battery, no more, no less.

Storage. It supports micro SD card up to 32GB, recommended class 10, as usually.

Connectivity and Ports. On this camera you will find only USB input for charging and “miniHDMI” port. But it’s a fake, because there should be a microHDMI port. But original Xiaomi Yi has also an A/V output and input for a microphone.

This camera offers a wifi connection, but there is no any information about any application to work with this camera.

Dimensions. 59×29×41 mm, but Xiaomi Yi Action Camera has 60×21×42 mm. They almost guess.

Color. The fake camera also propose you an original color palette: white and lime.

Accessories. This fake Xiaomi Yi Action Camera has a lot of accessories in addition to make you buy it.


This camera has a fake menu.

So if you want to buy Xiaomi Yi Action Camera be very attentively!

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