Water Purifiers — a Trend of the 21st Century! VioMi Joins the Race!

The problem of the century

For the last two centuries, we have been living in a world of a steep industrial development that gave birth to environmental pollution and raised people’s concern about their health. One of the biggest problems of our time is the quality of drinking water. That is why a water filtering device is a must-have in every household of the 21st century. In China, where the population has already reached a billion mark, water purification is put on top of the agenda. Water purifiers are widely used there — their sales have grown by 45% in the past couple of years.

Water pollution is a nationwide problem in China. Water purifying devices are expected to surpass 1 billion sales in 2017. The demand for them is increasing and that number may change to 100 billion in a few years.

New business model

During Ali Yunqi Conference held in Hangzhou on October 13, 2016, Ma Jun, a Chinese businessman, the founder and current CEO of Alibaba Group, suggested that the way retail trade and e-commerce are conducted right now will change completely in the near future. The more services a brand can offer the more customers it will welcome. That means that companies need to go a whole hog and not only have to think about the quality of materials and timely delivery, but also take care about efficient power consumption of their devices. If refer to water purifiers, the longer the most simple UV-lamp does its job, the more satisfied a customer is.

VioMi — the brand of new formation

Xiao Ping Chen, a businessman and a scientist, was one of those people, who showed early understanding that China, especially its rural areas, is in dire need for qualitative and affordable water purifiers.

Xiao Ping Chen was born in a village in China, but lived and worked in the USA for most of his life. Once, when he was visiting his family in the village, he found out horrible news — most of the younger villagers died because of cancer. He burrowed into the problem and found out that it was awful water quality, filled with pesticides and other harmful bacteria, that caused cancer.

Xiao Ping Chen leaped into action. He drew on support from investments funds and established Foshan Yunmi Electric Technology Co in 2014 — a research and manufacturing company situated in Foshan, Guangdong province.

Being a passionate entrepreneur, Xiao Ping Chen set high criteria of performance in the company and formed a young and professional team. Together with engineers and scientists he worked days and nights and did an extraordinary work. Two years into company’s existence it could boast of a line-up of innovative smart water filters. The success emerged quickly. The company stole the thunder with its products and got investments from Sequoia Capital, GIC, and Morningside, which soon became partners with Yunmi.

To its credit, the company produced around 200 millions of different water purifiers for just 2 years. We can say that it “reinvented the water purifier”. During its short tenure the company registered more than 200 patents for its inventions and filed more than 400 patent applications, 60 of them were international! Great quality, good energy-saving capabilities and “smart” software are what makes VioMi filters best in the biz.

High production standards = high product quality

The company built an ultramodern closed-type production unit to be able to offer us a truly innovative and high-quality product. Electronic computers keep temperature and humidity levels in those units fitting. All the devices have a sealed packaging to prevent dirt and dust from getting on them or avoid damage during transportation. VioMi relies on the components of the industry-leading suppliers and checks every element thoroughly.

VioMi puts significant resources into developing its business. The company brought its official retail stores to 28 Chinese provinces already. Overall it operates around 500 shops in China and plans to increase that number by the end of 2017. All for one reason: to “provide every household with clean water and make life better”.

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