WeLoop Hey 3S Sports Smart Watch Review

WeLoop Hey 3S Sports Smart Watch is a fitness bracelet with strong housing protection, cool design, magnetic charging and a lot of other amazing features. We got this little gizmo for a review and cannot wait to share our experience with you.

Packing and equipment

The makers truly paid great attention to various nuances in creating the packaging alone — looks very smart and well-made.

Inside the box you get a:

  • WeLoop Hey 3S Sports Smart Watch;
  • USB/micro USB cable;
  • silicone strap;
  • magnetic charger;
  • detailed user manual in several languages.

Design and construction

The watch sports a quite large 1.28-inch LCD display with a resolution of 176×176 pixels. Thanks to a special screen cover that reflects light, you will clearly see the data displayed on the screen even on a sunny day. The overall dimensions of the gadget are 46.21×35.66×11.15 mm and the weight is 28 grams.

The gadget is waterproof, which means you can not only swim with them but even dive to a depth of 50 meters. The engineers equipped the watch with a special magnetic charger that can be conveniently attached to the watch.

The strap has two colors, is made of silicone and comes with a lattice design that allows air under it circulate better, which means that your hand will not sweat under the strap. Its retainer has a special protrusion to securely fix the accessory when the watch is already fastened. Also, the strap has an extremely comfortable length to fit multiple wrist sizes. Thus, WeLoop Hey 3S Sports Smart Watch is suitable for both men and women.

Technical characteristics

This what you can do with WeLoop Hey 3S Sports Smart Watch:

  • measure steps;
  • measure the pulse;
  • monitor sleep;
  • serve as an alarm clock;
  • calculate calories burned;
  • receive notifications of calls and SMS;
  • receive notifications about messages from social media;
  • manage your smartphone, etc.

On a single charge, the device can be used up to 30 days when it is being used rarely and up to 25 hours with activated GPS. Waterproof design with IP68 rating allows you to immerse the watch in water to a depth of 50 meters. A gyroscope, an accelerometer, and a compass are, of course, here.

In addition, the device can synchronize with the smartphone via Bluetooth 4.1. It’s nice that the gadget works with both Android and iOS-platforms.

Practical use

Besides the battery charge status, the first thing you see when you switch on the device is what mode the watch is in: day or night mode (DND). Night mode blocks the device to receive SMS or messages from social networks.

The device was created with a huge emphasis on energy saving. The backlight goes off pretty quickly. The light reflecting display cover makes it possible to view information on the smartwatch screen on a sunny summer day without any backlighting.

The menu is made in the form of creative, intuitive icons, which is a big plus, allowing you to effectively use even a non-localized version.

There is a section for running with a division into location: a street run or a treadmill run.

There is a section for health measurements while riding a bicycle.

Section for swimming, where you type in the distance that you are going to swim, press start, and the gadget will measure your health indicators and your timing.

Of course, the sports watch has a timer and a stopwatch.

An interesting subsection is “Music”. Thanks to the Bluetooth-synchronization, you can connect to the smartphone and manage its music player. A handy thing, especially when you are running! Do not need to look for a smartphone in your pocket, you can just switch the volume on WeLoop Hey 3S Sports SmartWatch display.

You can also completely erasure of all measured data.

As you can see, this smartwatch is perfectly prepared for your sports lifestyle.

Where to find and download a special mobile application for full synchronization with a smartphone, you can check in the user manual. The device works both with Android and with iOS-platforms. Personally, we easily found the application on Google Play. The application is in English, quite simple and straightforward. When registering, the program asks you to enter your body parameters (height, weight, gender, etc.) for more accurate measurements.

Thanks to it you can see all the summary statistics of your activities, install new themes on the screen of your gadget, etc.

Bottom line

Xiaomi crowdfunding platform gave us another cool and useful gadget. WeLoop Hey 3S Sports Smart Watch is made with people in mind, who lead a sporty lifestyle. However, this bold, original and very interesting gadget is perfect for an ordinary user as well!

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Just set up the WeLoop and i am very impressed with the easy function and stylish look, comfortable to wear, happy with my purchase :)