What Is Hidden in Mijia DC Fan?

MiJia DC is a new inverter floor fan, manufactured by Mijia and Zhimi.

120 degrees swing angle, intelligent control via the App — and this is not the whole list of features of the model.

Moreover, it can simulate the natural wind algorithm to make you feel the natural breeze blowing.

It is equipped with 7 leaf blades. And thanks to the smart components can support the App voice control. The model is made of ABS plastic in combination with some aluminum alloy details. The ABS has the UV protection, so you shouldn’t afraid that the fan will turn yellow after some time of use. Classical, according to the Smart Home devices conception, white color, and simple design — this how we can describe the Mijia Dc Fan.

Now let’s look at some internal details.

Special for this product, we carried out a detailed disassemble to see the quality of the internal components.

Before the first use of the fan, the user needs to assemble the fan cover, blades, poles, base and other components. The assembling is very simple and there won’t be any problems with that.

This is how we can disassemble the main part:

When you open the main case you will be able to see the motor.

It is worth to note, that the DC brushless motor is produced by Nissan Company.

The rotating module looks very interesting and quite reliable.

The electric control board is situated inside the head bracket, which effectively protects it. And here is situated the WiFi module that is responsible for the App connection.

This part is responsible for controlling the oscillating module.

According to official data, the oscillating shaft has passed the swing test of up to 600,000 times, that proves its durability.

The base has the honeycomb structure inside and contains a power board.

Also, there are three weights placed in the middle of the base to stabilize the fan and protect it from shaking during the work.

The device can boast a really silent performance (level of noise is 33dB (A). The DC brushless motor also has the characteristics of low energy consumption. The minimum power consumption of the device is only 1.8W.

Are you still suffering from extremely hot weather? MiJia DC Fan will become your reliable savior. The quality speaks for itself.

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