What Was So Special About Move It That Judges at Red Dot Awards Loved?

MiJia quickly earned a strong following in China for its smart products like rice cookers, electric bicycles, home surveillance cameras etc. The brand is trying to stretch in all directions and always finds new and unusual ways to create products that are both healthy and unique. More about its revolutionary fitness equipment below. 

It is still unbelievable how much information about your health just a small fitness tracker like Mi Band 2 or AMAZFIT Arc can gather and it is even more incredible to realize what traditional gym equipment if it has different sensors, can measure! Move It is a sports gear just like that. It gained recognition across China and became this year’s Reddot Award-winning product. 

Move It was designed to promote physical fitness and is one of not so many really useful athletic equipment that can be used at home. It is a whole set of exercise accessories that includes a rope, two push-up bars, an ab wheel and elastic bands. Guess, that this compact cutie has all the bases covered, ha? 

Move It takes as little space as possible, so that you cab continue using your bedroom for normal living after you are done using Move It. It weights around 3.5kg and you can even take it out to the park or to the beach to practice. MiJia approached BMW Design Studio and a famous athlete George Hood to help design the product. A Hangzhou Fitness Championship finalist Tsai Wan-In and a Bikini Competition trainer Luo Chunyan already expressed their liking of Move It.

The main highlight of the device is that it features a lot of smart sensors (6-axis gyro, accelerometer, capacitive touch sensor, position and distance measuring IR-sensor, 2.4GHz radio module) embedded into its handles. They collect an astounding wealth of information about every aspect of your fitness activity, analyze and consolidate it in the app that you should download on your smartphone or tablet. Use the app to join the community of other lucky Move It owners, compete with them and keep your sports performance high.

For sure MiJiA was able to surprise us again. Such fitness equipment with a health tracking technology is not only body-changing but also fun and inspiring.

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