Who Knows How to Get Additional Day-Off? Xiaomi Knows!

How often do you think about ways of getting additional day-off? Any luck? You manage to do a lot of things during the day but you still need just a few hours more to complete everything. One of the main “time-eaters” is house cleaning. Leaving your house in a mess is not the decision we need. It would be cool if we could knock on table with kitchenware so that Mr. Proper appeared and did everything instead of you.

MiJia  Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The question remains: where to get additional time? The answer is simple! You need to acquire a household assistant. Recently Xiaomi has presented a new version of robot vacuum cleaner on its crowdfunding platform — MiJia Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2.

Many users know the predecessor of this model and have heard crazy stories about it, e.g. how this robot vacuum cleaner became a pet for its owner (even with a name) or it was a vehicle for cats. But there was one thing everybody agreed on — this device is really worth buing.

What are the main benefits of this model?

MiJia  Robot Vacuum Cleaner synchronization

First of all, it became faster and more efficient. Moreover, with this device, you can not only sweep but wash the floor too. The special built-in reservoir is fit reliably and protects from any water shedding.

The device is equipped with special 13 sensors including LCS sensor (angle of view is 360 degrees) that allows to scan the room and plan the route of cleaning avoiding any obstacles. In addition to this, it can overcome 2cm doorsill.

The device easily synchronizes with your smartphone and allows you to control the whole cleaning process. You can direct this Robot Vacuum Cleaner into every place in a room by taping on the map image in the application. Even more, you can choose a certain area of your house and Mijia Vacuum Cleaner 2 will start the cleaning.

MiJia  Robot Vacuum Cleaner work

Thanks to the improved suction system Mijia vacuum cleaner can absorb not only the debris but also the grains or steel beads.

The lithium battery became more powerful. It packs 5200mAh that will provide the work of device for about 2.5 hours. When the energy level becomes low this device without any control from your side will go to the docking station to recharge.

With this new model of the vacuum cleaner, your house will become the role model of the clean house and you will have free time for your family or friends.

MiJia  Robot Vacuum Cleaner moving

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