Why Is Mijia Electric Kettle so Popular?

The secret is in the high quality of the product for a very reasonable price, as well as a pleasant and modern design. Pleasant appearance is always a good bonus.

The design of the kettle has already received a lot of fans thanks to the similarity with the older version MiJia Smart Home Kettle, which has perfectly proven itself on the smart home market.

However, MiJia Electric Kettle itself is pretty cool even without a “smart” addition. Its design is specially designed for maximum user comfort. Seamless design and simple shape are very convenient when you need to clean the kettle.

The volume of this teapot is a 1.5 liter and its almost 7 cups of tea!

The overall dimensions are 216 × 152 × 252 mm. The kettle is the perfect choice for both home and workplace.

Convenient handle with LED-backlight, safe opening angle of the lid, the original shape of the spout — all the details are taken into account!

The lid can be opened only at an angle of 30 degrees, which protects the owner from a possible burn by steam.

The light indication indicates the water heating level.

The inner tank of the kettle is made of 304 stainless steel standard GB9684, a reliable thermostat produced by the British company STRIX and withstands about 10 000 boiling. Due to its high-quality components, the electric kettle can give out 1800W heating power and it takes 3-5 minutes for the kettle to boil water. The electrical protection system, of course, is added.

Very good characteristics, as for its price, aren’t it? That’s why this kettle has ideal price/quality ratio.

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