Why RunMi Sneakers and T-Shirt Will Make Your Workout More Comfortable

And finally you decided to get yourself in a better shape. But do you know that what you wear can influence the success of your workout. So have you picked the right workout clothes and shoes, considering fabric, fit and comfort? Even if you have but you hesitate whether your choice was right, take a look at the RunMi clothing and footwear line.

If you look closely, you’ll find out that the Runmi 90 Points T-shirt is not an ordinary T-shirt. It was manufactured using the special thread weaving, protecting the T-shirt from stretching or shrinking after washing. In places where you sweat the most there are inserts from a special jacquard fabric that improve air circulation along the body and make the sweat dry much faster. The T-shirt keeps its stylish appearance even after around 50 washes!

Do you like listening to music while playing sports? No problem! The designers of the Runmi 90 Points T-shirt took care of your comfort here too. On the back of the shirt there is a special strap, through which you can pass the cord from the headphones so that they do not interfere with you while you run or do other sports exercises.

The RunMi 90 Racing Ultra Smart Running Shoes are even more spectacular! They are designed in such a way that they are suitable for both beginners and professional athletes. A breathable fabric mesh, an antibacterial removable insole, effective cushioning are just a small part of what the product of RunMi 90 Points can pleasantly surprise you with. For the safety of the wearer who likes to make evening runs, the back of the sneakers is equipped with a light-reflective strip. Sneakers are equipped with a smart chip, manufactured by the world-famous Intel company. Thus, the shoes can synchronize with a smartphone, and you with the help of a special mobile application can not only find out how many steps have been made, but also get statistics on the calories burned, etc. The chip is powered by a battery that provides up to 60 days of device use without recharging. Impressive, isn’t it? That is why thanks to such innovative technologies, RunMi 90 Point clothing and sports footwear make your workout much more comfortable.

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