Winter Is Coming — Warm up with Uleemark Double-Sided Down Jacket and Mitown Pilot Down Jacket

Just imagine Christmas holidays, white snow-covered park and lane, snowball fights and skiing — all that beautiful things we love in winter. How good it would be not to think about how not to freeze your back and hands off and just enjoy the winter.

Once again, Xiaomi comes to help with its newly launched products that will definitely helps you to stay warm, safe and healthy — Uleemark Men’s Double-Sided Down Jacket and Mitown Pilot Down Jacket.

Mitown Pilot Down Jacket has 4 layers — upper one is a non-blowing and splashproof material. Then there are 2 layers of a real goose down as a heater and inner lining. On the bottom of the jacket and on the sleeves are sewn a wide elastic band, which will reliably protect against wind. In the protective hood is inserted a thin adjustable rubber, with which you can tighten so that hood does not fly off in the presence of strong gusts of wind.

The down jacket is fastened with a zipper and buttons. There are four pockets in front and several more on the sleeve. The sewing quality is excellent: all the seams are straight, the threads fit the shade of all jacket and do not stick out.

Men’s jacket is available in two colors: Black and Khaki. There are all common sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL. For your convenience, the company provides a special table on which it is easy to determine right size if you really want to buy Mitown Pilot Bomber Down Jacket.

Also on Xiaomi crowdfunding appeared a very topical product — Uleemark men’s double-sided down jacket.

The author of the novelty was the Youyou Technology Co., Ltd. from Hangzhou City.

The down jacket is available in two colors: camouflage black and camouflage white. Uleemark Down Jacket is double-sided, so the inner layer is black and looks like a classic down jacket.

The main feature of Uleemark Double-Sided Wear, besides Camouflage, is the ultramodern waterproof fabric with reflective inclusions around the pockets and on the manufacturer logo.

It should be noted that all pockets are equipped with a zipper.

On the chest is also conceived a volumetric pocket with a hole — for a Xiaomi action camera: just place the device lens directly to the hole and the take a photo or video without even thinking about it, without freezing at the same time.

The filler is 90% composed of goose down. Thus, the down jacket not only keeps the heat in the best way, but it will not get wet if you hit the wet snow or the snowfall has changed treacherously to rain.

The size can be chosen from S to XXL, but for now, apparently, the sizes can be chosen only in the male version too.

Uleemark Double-Sided Wear can be compactly folded and placed in a special bag for storage, which is included.

It’s only on pre-sale but you can buy a jacket from November 30th.

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