With a Doctor B Toothbrush You Will Brushes Your Teeth Better

Doctor B toothbrushes are becoming more popular in China and around the world. The designers should be proud — they’ve managed to come up with a really high-quality product.

The toothbrush owes much of its success to the design that allows to use the toothbrush for the Bass brush technique. What does the Bass brushing method mean? And how is Doctor B toothbrush suitable for that? When you brush your teeth with Bass brushing method you hold the brush at 45-degree angle. In this position, the ends of the bristles touch not only your teeth but also gums. The brush strokes should be very small and gentle, allowing the bristles to reach the space between the teeth and along the gum line. In such a way you remove the plaque and massage the gum better.

The Doctor B toothbrush allows you to clean your teeth better in every way, fighting tartar and plaque on your teeth and preventing various teeth and gum diseases. Only the best materials were used to make the brush: environmentally friendly plastic, bristle threads were produced by Toray and Pedex. The toothbrush has rounded ties instead of rough cut bristles you could notice in your ordinary toothbrush. Rounded and polished bristles do not injure the gums causing recession which is very important for people of all ages. All brushes undergo strict quality tests. Toothbrushes may be a home for bacteria if you do not replace them timely or at least give proper cleaning. To improve the resistance to bacteria, the bristles of Doctor B toothbrush are attached to the nickel-silver plate. This alloy is known to stop the multiplication of bacteria.

As you can see, the rapid growth in the popularity of Doctor B toothbrushes is justified, considering their quality, design and price.

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