Camouflage Version of Lf Massage Pad

We have a lot of equipment for our outdoor activity such as backpacks, jackets, sleeping bags, hiking shoes. But there is some small thing that deserves your attention — the LF Magic Touch Massage Pad in the new camouflage version. Yes, this is the same massage pad that we have talked about recently.

But the difference is not only in “camouflage clothing”. It is made of DuPont waterproof polyester and combines the features of air permeability and protection from water. So if you accidentally splash the water on it you can easily clean the surface of massage pad.

The sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercises can cause poor muscle pressure. The camouflage version of LF Massage Pad uses TENS low-frequency massage technology that stimulates the specific nerve fibers. The low-frequency pulse waves go through the skin and effectively relieve the muscle soreness and fatigue.

It won’t become a burden for your luggage thanks to its convenient and compact size. The buttons use the convex design which is referred for blind operation.

Despite the small size, it can operate in 5 massage modes with 10 levels of intensity. This portative massage therapist will be useful anywhere and anytime especially after the hard workout.

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