Wow! This Device Turns An Ordinary Air Conditioner Into “Smart”

Xiaomi has released the second version of Air Conditioning Companion that can turn an ordinary air conditioner into smart.

Mijia Air Conditioning Companion 2 view

The device can be synch via Mijia App and paired with other Smart Home devices such as Door and Window Sensor or Temperature and Humidity Sensor. For example, if the open window is detected, the air conditioner will be automatically turn off. You can adjust the usage of devices according to different scenarios. In addition to this, it supports voice control.

The device supports about 229 air conditioner brands. The design wasn’t significantly changed to compare with the 1st version.

Air Conditioning Companion 2 looks like the plug adapter and is suitable for wall mounted air conditioners with 16A plug size.

Mijia Air Conditioning Companion 2 plug

It has passed CCC certification and has an anti-UV cover that will keep the white color of the device for a long time.

So now creating a perfect climate environment in your house is easier than ever before.

Mijia Air Conditioning Companion 2 climate control

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I’m unable to pair it with Mi Home app. It doesn’t show up as lumi-gateway when pairing with home wifi. Solid light, not blinking :(