Wowstick 1FS Screwdriver Takes Inspiration from a Famous Parker Pen

In 1962 Parker Pen Company was chosen to be the official supplier of writing tools for the Royal Family. But they became a symbol of luxury and temper long before that. These pens were used for signing important historical documents, treaties and outstanding figures in music, like Puccini, and literature, like the “father” of Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, praised their quality.

Can China boast of something that successful? If so, it has to be a breakthrough product that is nationally respected and, yet unlike Parker pens, affordable to everyone. Wowstick 1FS screwdriver is one of those products that come with all these features.

Take an ordinary screwdriver. It has a bulky unnatural-feeling handle, when you try to tighten the screw even more your hand slips off the tool, the shaft comes out of its socket and looks like it is not rust-resistant at all. If you have problems with your screwdriver just like the ones we described, you should know that the company you bought it from apparently ignored engineering and manufacturing standards. At least we hope you did not get hurt.

Wowstick 1FS has a perfectly balanced metal construction, graceful shape and weights as little as 234 grams. It really reminds of a nice pen and not a garage tool. And the fact that it is also battery operated makes it irreplaceable on the go.

Wowstick 1FS is a go-to option if you want to repair a device that requires surgical accuracy and gentleness, rather than raw power. Your phone, iPad, laptop or camera may not be resistant to rough handling with an ordinary screwdriver so if you do not want to sweat trying to be as cautious as possible with your device you should try Wowstick 1FS. Its competence covers thousands of devices and it makes all the headwork for you. You just push one button.

Those who are into modeling are what a painstaking and time-consuming process it can be to assemble a figure that can be worth calling a masterpiece. Depending on the complexity of the figure it can take many months to finish and its retail value can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you had to weld multiple refined components together would you want to use an ordinary screwdriver?

Who would have thought that such a refined-looking instrument would feature a 3 Nm torque! It is one of the most useful tools you can have in your house: it can tighten screws in any piece of furniture, help you take apart your electronics and repair kids’ toys. Wowstick 1FS is equipped with 6 bits. They are fitted in a magnetic socket that ensures they stay in place while you do the job. The screwdriver also has a built-in LED so you can always see what you are doing, no matter how poorly lit you working area may be.

This mobile screwdriver is always ready for work. It comes with a compact white case for easy transportation and storage. The bit-holders in the case feature magnets that fix them even when you shake the case.

If you have never seen Wowstick 1FS then you may easily confuse it with a legendary Parker pen. A good screwdriver, just like the Queen’s writing accessory, should be something extraordinary, something qualitative and something reputable — things that get only better with age.

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