Xaomi Mi Power Strip with LED-Indicator, 6 Sockets and 3 USB Ports

Extension lead is a must-have appliance at home since you probably have five to ten electric devices that need a constant power supply and a pair of battery-supported gadgets requiring a top-up once in a while. And as bad luck would have it, the outlets are placed not where they are mostly needed or they are scarce.

Xiaomi solved this problem without a hitch, releasing a new power strip. Overall it offers the same technology we have seen on every iteration of Xiaomi Mi Power Strips, added with a few tricks.

Key characteristics:

  • Type: indoor power strip
  • Size: 185.5×88.3×27.0 mm
  • Socket quantity: 6
  • USB port quantity: 3
  • USB port output: 5V — 2А
  • Rated output: 10A, 2500W, 250V
  • Cord length: 1.8 m

A new power strip has 3 pairs of outlets that align with Chinese / Australian (Type I) and European (Type C) plugs.

3 USB ports are mounted to charge smartphones, tablets, E-books and cameras. A single USB port supports 2A quick charge. If all the three are active each port will have 1A as power strip supports a total of 3A.

Power strips are usually used with costly electronics thus Xiaomi arranged extra protection. The device will turn off automatically if the output current exceeds 10A. Innards are made out of phosphor-bronze that stands against high temperatures and deterioration. The housing features a fire-resistant material and can survive heat up to 750 degrees C. Each socket is protected by a plastic shuttering that requires a 75N force to open it, providing additional safety if children are at home.

Xiaomi Mi Power Strip got a thickened three-lead power cord to prevent its damage. It also comes with 4 anti-slip pads to secure it well on the floor or on the table and a sensor power button with LED-lights, showing its working status.

Its compact size sweetens the deal too. You can take it with you on a trip and be sure that you or your friends will not toss a coin in a hotel-motel room with one socket to decide which device to charge first.

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