XGiMi H1 – Ideal Powerful Projector for a Home Theatre

The amount of people that use their smartphones, tablets and laptops to work with media is constantly growing. For this group of people, a modern projector presents much more possibilities than a traditional TV, providing an incomparably larger screen. The new H1 projector by XGiMi is the best choice as a portable projector.The projector was released due to the successful fundraising on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform.

The projector’s size is similar to an average portable Bluetooth-speaker, however, it can project a 1080p quality picture onto a 300-inch screen and can be used for high-quality sound reproduction. The projector has two built-in speakers with reinforced membranes from Harman/Kardon that provide excellent sounding of high and low frequencies. Thus you can use the projector as a portable Bluetooth-speaker.

Easy management of screen settings

Sometimes it’s very problematic to adjust the projected image at a right angle. XGiMi H1 has an automatic adjustment of the frame, thus with it a minimum amount of effort turns into a clear image on the screen.

The quality of the image that the projector transmits is bright and clear, color is rendered at the highest level. The only nuance that should be taken into account is that the projector cannot provide a good picture in a room with bright lighting or with tinted windows. But this feature applies to even more expensive home theater projectors.

One of the few drawbacks of the projector is the lack of possibility to zoom in and out. In order to increase or decrease the image on the screen, you will have to physically move the projector closer or further away from the screen. In addition, because of design features, the projector has no extendable legs that adjust the elevation of the projector and the angle of the light beam.

Android on board

XGiMi H1 has one major difference compared to other projectors, which has long been available for smart TVs — the pre-installed Android operating system with access to a variety of services and applications, such as Netflix and Plex. In other projectors, such options are available only when connecting to an external device.

The interface resembles a standard Android TV, but its own variation, which is convenient to use on a large screen. The Bluetooth remote control that comes in the kit is useful as well.

The H1 has its own processor, as well as the following ports for connection: HDMI (2 ports), USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. Among other things, the projector is equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi module and 3GB of RAM.

Independent sound

In addition to the external sound source, which could be used in conjunction with the projector, the H1 has built-in acoustics from the world-famous Harman/Kardon. The logo of this trademark adorns the front panel of the projector, and the speaker fits very nicely into the design.

The speaker reproduces the dialogues from the films clearly. The richness of the sound pleases of the ear. The acoustic from Harman/Kardon significantly exceeds the built-in speakers of much more expensive projectors. If you pair the projector with a smartphone and you will get a mobile sound system.

Thanks to the built-in audio the projector is a full-fledged home theater.

Take it with you

XGiMi H1 is slightly larger in size than the classic portable projectors. But it still fits into the class of portable devices, because, despite its dimensions, it is lighweight. The H1 combines the functions of the projector and Bluetooth-speakers, being a very useful thing that you can take on a trip.

The Indiegogo fundraising platform also offers to purchase a carrying case, but carrying a projector without a cover also doesn’t cause any difficulties. And the integrated lens cap will give you confidence that the optics will not get damaged.

The H1 is small enough to pack it in a suitcase and watch your favorite movies in hotels, it is more suitable for travel by own car, providing the possibility to arrange a small movie show in the evening, using a white sheet screen and the battery of your car.

In some aspects, the H1 is not as good as the more expensive home theaters from major brands such as Epson and BenQ, especially when it comes to image quality. But the H1 is a much more versatile device that will suit a large number of people. It depends on tasks you are expecting to perform with the projector. If you need a large bright screen with a lot of flexible settings, good sound, impressive processing power and wide connectivity — the XGiMi H1 will be the best choice at this price.

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