XGIMI IMEA Smart Children Projector – the First Chinese Projector for Your Child

Modern children spend a lot of time with tablets, smartphones or the TVs. It is the truth of our life, and we cannot avoid the impact of technologies on our children. Moreover, during use of this smart devices child can accidentally find the negative content. So the main question for parents is how to protect the child from the negative impact of the Internet and gadgets.

So now it is a big responsibility for the digital devices manufacturers. In one of the devices, XGIMI represents the solution of this problem. This is the IMEA Smart Children Projector — an innovative smart device that was made to allow your children watching their favorite cartoons and TV-shows without any harm for their eyesight and mental health.

What are the main advantages of this device?

  • The portable projector has the special lenses that reduce the harmful radiation of blue specter for the eye’s retina.
  • The brightness rate is 60 lm that is safe and in different light conditions the image won’t blind or tire the eyes of your child.
  • The IR radiation is harmful, so if the IMEA Smart Children Projector detects the movements in the working zone, it will automatically turn off for 3 seconds.
  • Convenient settings parameters. You can set up the on&off timer and your child won’t spend so much time watching the videos.
  • Voice remote control

You, as a parent can control all the content in the multimedia library.

As you can see the IMEA Smart Children Projector was constructed to provide the maximum safety for your child. It is made of high-quality eco-friendly materials, without any rough edges of construction. The unusual construction that looks like a ball, your child will definitely like it.

It has built-in 0,3 inches DMD chip, stereo sound system, IR sensor, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, USB port and HD camera. The weight of this device is the only 0,82kg, your child can easily place it where he wants.

The IMEA Smart Children Projector hasn’t any cables, the work of it is provided with 10400mah battery (will be enough for 4 hours of work).

There are two ways to turn off the projector: using the remote control and closing the source of light. The remote control has the voice settings of operation, the voice distance connection, and the main settings parameters. You can control the operation of the projector using your smartphone or tablet. Wherever you want you can look what your children are watching at the moment. Moreover, if you need, you can remotely turn off the projector.

The device has the built-in AR training system that will be suitable for every age. Your child will explore the world, learn the numbers and letters and will get different interesting information. The content is divided depending on age and personal interests. The additional 16GB of memory will allow you to download more lessons, cartoons and movies.

The unique menu with audio animation helps your child easily start using the device. The manufacturer has provided an additional content (about 150 000 hours of animations. 80 000 hours of audio and about 100 packs of stories collection).


Children can change the settings by themselves. Moreover, from time to time the system will ask the random question like the examples of multiplication.

For children from 2 to 7 years old it can be difficult so the manufacturer recommends parents to help them.

XGIMI IMEA Smart Children Projector is the first multimedia projector for children in China. The combination of great design, digital technologies, and safety.

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