Xi Fang Liang Laundry Tablets Provide You an Extremely White Color of Cloth

Sometimes when you buy new clothes, you have to refuse white colored-clothes because in the future it will bring some problems with washing. Every housewife knows how hard is too keep the perfect whiteness of cloth. They should make the titanic efforts to make your clothes look like the new one after the dozen washings. They try every possible solution from some old-school methods used in the last decade to modern powerful bleaches. But if you want to use some of them you should be extremely careful because every mistake in dosage can destroy your favorite clothes.

For the people who do not want to feel any stress during every wash, Xiaomi on its crowdfunding platform has released an innovative product for washing white clothes — Xi Fang Liang laundry tablets.

In comparison with traditional bleaching agents, these Xi Fang Liang laundry tablets are environmentally friendly, but at the same time they contain a super concentrate. This kind of the washing bleach in the form of thin strips will allow you to take it with you in travel and in business trips.

The product easily dissolves even in cold water. To remove the difficult spots you should soak the laundry in the water with Xi Fang Liang laundry tablets for about 10-20 minutes and after that wash it as usually. Getting into the water the active components instantly dissolve and do their job.

Many washing powders are strongly alkaline and contain surfactants in composition, which are difficult to wash off from clothes. Moreover it can be fixed on the fibers of the tissue and cause any irritation and even the allergies, especially for children.

So, when you are washing your cloth with Xi Fang Liang laundry tablets you can be sure that they do not contain any harmful impurities like phosphorus, benzene and fluorescent whitening components. Neutral weak alkaline pH does not damage tissue fibers and is absolutely safe for washing children’s clothes.

Save your time and take care about the safety of your family, use the Xi Fang Liang laundry tablets.

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