XiaoJi Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser: Review

They say that if you wash your hand frequently, you are better protected from getting sick and spreading illness. So you might be interested in a device that dispenses soap automatically not to touch the soap pump again, let alone using the bar of soap everybody in your family or in your office has been using before. Thus, a device like the XiaoJi came up with is the best way to keep clean and healthy.

Unboxing and design

The box, the dispenser comes in, is nice looking. When you unpack everything you will find the dispenser, the base, three batteries and a user guide. The batteries are neatly packed into a separate box.

The sides of the box feature device information and installation tips. If you follow the prompts it will take around two minutes to fully assemble the device.

The dispenser is very compact. You can leave it in the kitchen or bathroom as the most obvious places where you wash your hands. The great thing about this dispenser is that it works with any liquid soap, so you are free to use the brand that you like. You can also pour a hand sanitizer inside and use it from your working desk or somewhere else or use it for dish wash. The base of the device is white and the dispenser is a pleasant Tiffany blue color.

User experience

XiaoJi Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser is equipped with an infrared sensor that allows it to dispense soap when it senses hands. It is set to dispense around 1mg of soap at a time within a few seconds. But if you take away your hands it will stop as well and save your soap. We liked that it did not drip or cause any other kind of a mess.

Automatic dispensers like this are the next best thing after sliced bread because you do not have to worry about the transfer of germs from one person’s hand to another since you are not touching the soap. You also do not have to worry that your hand may accidentally slip off and knock the dispenser down on the ground.

What we also noted was that that little portion of soap that was dispensed was enough to create bubbly and thick foam. It turns out that the pump of manual soap dispensers can offer not more than 6:1 air-to-soap ratio, while automatic dispensers can have pumps that work up to 25:1 air-to-soap ratio, which means that it will take only 1 portion of soap, again saving the soap, and 25 portions of compressed air. XiaoJi Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser offers 12:1 air-to-soap ratio, which we definitely liked.

What we also liked was the anti-flooding design of the dispenser. Its motorized pump is placed in the top part of the device, which is a better location as it has much smaller chance to be flooded with water. A lot of soap dispensers on the market have an upside-down design, i.e. the liquid tank located on the top and the dispensing mechanism under it. Although the gravity will allow the soap in such devices to flow more naturally and thus easier, they are still more exposed to soap leakage and pump flooding, which can lead to damage.

Summing up

XiaoJi Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser has a lot of advantages:

  • automatic dispensing
  • minimal waste of soap
  • compact size
  • easy liquid refill

We can say that we liked the device completely It looks stylish, elegant and futuristic. You can use it with liquid soaps, dish washes, shampoos, and sanitizers. If you love style and elegance and practicality, then this is one great option for you.

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