Xiaomi about MicroSD-Card in the Top Devices

During the interview, fresh Xiaomi vice president Hugo Barra said on why the company does not like to install in their high-end smartphones memory card slots.

According to him, Xiaomi wants to spend extra battery life on SD-card and ergonomics sacrificing their smartphones. But the main reason is that the market now presented a lot of substandard memory cards microSD, are prone to various failures.

"Do you think that the purchased memory card Kingston and SanDisk, and actually get low-quality counterfeit that at any time can stop working properly - said, Barra. - As a result, applications can inadvertently close, users lose personal data, this leads to an increase in the number of complaints and the general disappointment of our customers. "

"It may take a lot of time before you will think that the reason is the memory card. You'll blame a specific smartphone model, manufacturer, nervous, trying to fix the problem. At some point you think, what would happen if you remove the memory card. SD-cards will go back, this is a trend. At least in our flagship do not expect slot for memory cards microSD ».

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