Xiaomi and ZMI launched Mi Rainbow - colorful 5-Size (AA) battery

Xiaomi has loaded up all smartphones and tablets in the world with the help of Mi Powerbank. But what about the remote controls and other devices that run on batteries?

Xiaomi with the help of ZMI has introduced a set of ten colored AA batteries size AA (5 size). This Mi Rainbow 5 size battery is the latest product by one of the ecosystem company of Xiaomi - Zmi which produces the popular Mi power bank. We are sure you will like this battery as it's very colorful.

This is totally different from our perspective about battery which is normally black, dull and not attractive. You can even differentiate which is the old and new battery by recognizing the colors.

For the production of the batteries used high-quality carbon rods from the Japanese company Maxell. Mi Rainbow batteries also have a shelf life of 7 years from the date of manufacture.

They are supplied in a plastic box and are designed to energize your small devices in the home.

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