Xiaomi Announced Yuemi Mechanical Keyboard

The more you use the computer the more important it is to use high-grade peripherals. One way to have the best experience from your PC or laptop is to have the best-of-breed keyboard. Get the chance to size up a new toy from Xiaomi factory — Yuemi Mechanical Keyboard — a white PCs and laptop-compatible keyboard, that will be a great accessory to renovate your computer.

It fits 87 keys and lacks a numeric keypad, usually placed on the right side. It became smaller and leaves more space next to the keyboard for the mouse — a huge bonus for gamers. It measures 358×128×31.6 mm and weighs 940 gram.

Yuemi Keyboard is aimed not only to be an input device but to also a durable and fast-processing gadget powered with a modern and ergonomic design. To meet the array of requirements above, it has aluminum alloy housing, polycarbonate + ABS resin keypads, and wear-resistant markings. Keys have a life span of 50 million clicks with no damage to mechanics.

STMicroelectronics 32-bit chip “keeps an eye” on the processing speed. Yuemi Keyboard is said to have a 1 ms response time, accepting 11 simultaneous keyboard inputs! Such an upgrade can be a deal breaker for those who bang out touch-type or are hard-core gamers.

A perfect keyboard should make typing as painless as possible. To reduce wrist strain and finger fatigue Yuemi Keyboard is supplied with tilt legs, elevating it at a 6-degree angle. To eliminate eyesight worries a soft white backlighting with 6 levels of brightness is also provided.

This past couple of years has been the years of frenetic activity for Xiaomi. Development of Smart Home line, a successful launch of Mi laptops, release of its biggest achievement so far — Mi Note 2 — is definitely changing contours of modern technology. And we are very excited what comes next.

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