Xiaomi Aqara Smart Light Control Set: Light Switchers Finally Join the “Smart” Trend

And we go on with turning our home into a fully automated, a.k.a more comfortable, place to live in. Light switchers are the next chapter in our smart makeover plan. We already talked about Xiaomi’s smartphone-controlled light bulbs and lamps and we hope you are close to replacing all of your old ones with the smart ones. But if were not thinking of doing that any time soon, a smart lighting switcher that Xiaomi recently announced could offer a similar functionality without a need to change every lamp you have.


  • size: 86×86×15/12 mm
  • communication protocol: ZigBee
  • operating humidity: 5% to 95%
  • output power range: 15W— 700W
  • supports remote management

Aqara Smart Light Control Set consists of two lighting switchers: one of them is installed onto a wall where your old one was and the other one is portable, serving as a remote control and a bridge between your smartphone and the „stationary” switcher. Both of them connect to Wi-Fi network and are compatible with most lamp types within the range of up to 700W.

You can control lights in your house through a smartphone app from the comfort of your couch or when you are out. Does it not convenient? Remember, how many times you rushed out forgetting to switch off lights in your bathroom or garage. Or when you wanted to fool the neighbors or uninvited guests into thinking you were home, when you were actually on vacation in another country.

What also separates this smart light switcher from a classical one is the ability to pair it with other smart devices in your house. You can command lights to turn off when you switch on Mi TV or make lights turn on automatically if the motion sensor detects activity in the room.

If you are in the process of integrating smart devices in your house do not forget about the entirely dust-proof and dimmable Xiaomi Yeelight Smart LED Ceiling Lamp, which can also be controlled through the companion app.

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