Xiaomi Became the Sponsor of the «Bleeding Steel» Movie

On 22 of December the fantastic thriller with starring Jackie Chan called “Bleeding Steel” will be presented. As we know, Xiaomi also made a little contribution to the creation of this film and became one of the sponsors.

The film tells about the mission of a secret agent, who had to protect a woman from a criminal gang. For this occasion Jackie Chan recorded a video message to his fans where he says:“It’s a great honor for me to finish the work together with the whole team. Thanks everyone who took part in creation of this movie.” Lei Jun also shared this video in his Weibo profile.

You can see the full version of the video below.

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Congratulation Mr Jackie, Congratulation Xiaomi! I watch this film. Mr. Jackie did a great work. ABD what smart hıme sistem he use in film? Can you talk about all mi device, which used in the film?