Xiaomi Blue-Light Blocking Glasses Will Soon Hit the Stores

We tend to spend hours staring at the screen of our smartphones, laptops or tablets. It can be way after midnight and we can be still chatting, reading or watching movies without wanting to pull ourselves out of any of that bittersweet activity. Unfortunately, our eyes will not be grateful for that. So if you feel sleepy, have a headache and wake up depress in the morning blame it on the blue light emitted from any sort of the screen you were engulfed by the day before. And that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to damage increased digital usage can cause. The truth is your eyesight may get much worse, eventually making you... blind.

To minimize the effect of the blue light you can either control the amount of time you look down, entranced by your digital device, or get a pair of glasses suited for computer, but still pay attention if you use your device rationally, well, because things work great in complex.

Xiaomi also wants to lend a hand with preventing eye problems caused by, let us be honest here, digital addiction. Yesterday it launched a blue-light blocking eyewear under MiJia brand. The lenses of the glasses have an amber tint which is exactly what helps to filter out blue light 60% more effectively and also get UV-light out of the way.

The frame and temples are made out of polyetherimide (PEI). The material appears to be very tough and flexible, according to Google, so the glasses are sure to be shock-resistant. There are three available frame styles. They come with self-adjusting silicone nosepads for different nose shapes and also with nicely secured temples that, how Xiaomi makes it, ensure a year after the glasses will fit as snug as they did the first time you put them on.


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