Xiaomi Came up with a Set of Kid's Furniture

There is probably not a single child in the world that could sit quietly for several minutes. It has to whirl like dervish and jump from one place to another all the time. Therefore it is very important for the kid to have a cozy place to play, be creative or study. It is desirable that such a personal corner  was equipped with safe and practical furniture, which would reduce the chance of injury. Xiaomi has just come up with a set of furniture for children, consisting of two wooden chairs and a table. They are made of wood and can be assembled without nails.

The set includes a table (height — 50cm, width — 60cm) and two chairs (height — 23cm, width — 24cm; height — 28cm, width — 30cm). The size of the small chair is based on the height and body stature of an average child of up to 10 years. The height of the table ensures that the table top is at the right level for a 10-year-old to keep its back straight and develop a correct posture. The big chair is designed for a child over 10 years old or for an adult.

The furniture is made of black walnut, delivered from the U.S. For its beauty and properties black walnut is one of the most precious wood species. It has a beautiful decorative pattern. Thanks to various organic acids and essential oils the wood perfectly resists the spread of parasites.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi did not use paint, formaldehyde or any other toxic substances to make the furniture. After the wood was had been polished it was only covered with a layer of vegetable wax. This kind of wax is widely used to revive an old finish on wooden furniture and it is completely safe for adults, children and animals. On top of that, wax-treated wooden furniture is easier clean from dust and it does not absorb liquid spilled on it quickly.

Since the table and the stools are primarily made for the needs of the kids, they do not have sharp edges and can be assembled, no matter how fantastic it may sound, without using nails.

The legs are decorated with bronze caps. If you feel that the table is too slippery or may damage the flooring, apply rubber pads on the feet, which also come in the set.

Did you expect to see such a great and carrying product on Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform?


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