Xiaomi Charpa Blanket for Your Comfortable Sleep

For a comfortable and pleasant sleep, it is very important to ensure the right conditions. That’s why it is necessary not only to pick up a bed, a mattress, a pillow but also find a proper blanket.

Choosing the blanket, of course, you need to take into account a number of certain factors:

1. The blanket should not be heavy, no one wants to feel like the hero of the movie under the rubble. Now the large selection of both natural and artificial fillers, which will make the blanket lightweight and almost weightless.

2. It should not be very thin because it won’t be able to provide the necessary level of heat.

3. Must ensure a good air circulation.

4. Another important point is the ability of the blanket to preserve and gives off heat (thermoregulatory function).

5. And of course, it is important to determine the filler — will it be down, wool or synthetics or another type of filling.

And for real connoisseurs and fans of Xiaomi, there is a pleasant news, because on crowdfunding platform you will be able to buy a universal blanket Charpa.

An interesting feature of this blanket is its ability to both cool and to warm you. The blanket is made of 100% cotton fabric, which is not only soft but also absorbs moisture perfectly. The inner filler is 72% polyester and 28% regenerated cellulose fiber.

You can buy a blanket in 4 variants that differ in size (200×230 and 220×240cm) and in weight (1, 1.15, 2, 2.25kg).

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