Xiaomi Cube — Intelligent Controller for Your Home

There are many different smart sensors and gadgets for the smart home in the Xiaomi product line. For example, a temperature and humidity sensor, a Yeelight Bedside smart lamp, a Yi Smart Home Camera etc.

Now Xiaomi has a new device called the Xiaomi Cube, which is able to manage all technologies within the Mi Home ecosystem. It is a mini cube, made of plastic. Mi Cube Controller weighs only 73 grams, and its sides have only 45 mm length.

There will be available several body colors, including basic white, blue and pink, and you can not be afraid to wet or drown it, because its housing is protected against moisture.

Xiaomi Cube Сontroller will work with such smart devices as Mi TV, Mi Air Purifier, Yi Home Cameras, Yeelight Lamps and other. The control principle is based on gestures — inside the cube there is installed a gyroscope which precisely tracks controller’s position in space and interacts with other smart devices. Xiaomi Mi Smart Home acquires new devices and features right before our eyes.

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