Xiaomi Developed Fitness Gear for a Smart Home Gym

Xiaomi continues to broaden its fields of activity. She jumped on the wearable fitness accessories bandwagon some time ago and now she is ready to join the race to be one of the providers of much heavier sports equipment that deals with overweight and muscle weakness. Its new product was mothered by MiJia with the assistance of Move it, a manufacturer of sporting goods.

Smart Fitness is a multifunctional hometrainer and its final assembled form reminds of R2D2 robot from “Star Wars”. The design is much owed to BMW Design Studio and a famous athlete George Hood, who broke the record by holding a plank for 5 hours 15 minutes and 15 seconds.

You can do different exercises with Smart Fitness as it includes a skipping rode, an abdominal wheel, a push-up stand and an elastic band. The handles are equipped with 7 sensors that track your physical activity and should you sync the device through Bluetooth with your smartphone you will see your ongoing progress in the app. Smart Fitness can also team up with your smart TV giving you access to work-out videos and instructions on how 100 more ways you can use this sports equipment.

For those who do not have the opportunity to hit the gym regularly, this device is a godsend. Place Smart Fitness in your room somewhere where you just cannot but notice it, free up a 3 by 3 meter space and you will see how easily you can motivate yourself to exercise.


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