In 2015 Xiaomi is about to launch a mysterious device for smart home

Recently Xioami has released a line of “smart home” products consisting of camera, socket, smart light bulb and control block. Rumor has it that in 2015 the company plans to release the device that, according to Lei Jun, the head of "smart" hardware platforms, “would be a surprise for a market”. However, still we can only guess what it would be. In any case it is a very brave decision to develop in the Chinese market of “smart" home electronics. The thing is that the bulk of the developments in this segment will be connected with remote control functions. This is why such possibilities are not in demand for most users nowadays.

Another knot is connected with the absence of generally accepted standards of “smart” home electronics. The incompatibility of different manufacturers’ equipment primarily affects consumers.  

That is why Xiaomi developers decided to surprise their consumers with the most correct and user friendly decision in their industry. We all look forward to new Xiaomi products!

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