Xiaomi Electric car now could be a reality thanks to change in China policy

Xiaomi, a name which does not want any Introduction in India now Xiaomi wants to introduce one of its First car to the World wants to write its Name in the Automobile Sector Worldwide. Xiaomi has the potential to show regarding the innovation in Technology sector, that's why they does not want to wrap them only in Smartphone Sector but can do with more with Automobile sector.

Xiaomi’s plans to enter the vehicle sector was first revealed earlier this year, when CEO Lei Jun said, “The company is now working with a well-known car enterprise to secretly develop a kind of pure electric automobile, which will be put into mass production in 2015 at the soonest.” Jun was speaking at the China Internet of Vehicles Conference 2014 held earlier this year in Shenzhen.

Xiaomi VP Li Wanqiang is in Silicon Valley right now, working on a new Xiaomi product that might very well be its electric car. Silicon Valley is the headquarters of many companies, but one of them is the electric car company Tesla. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has gushed publicly about how much he likes the cars, and there are suspicions that the two companies could even be working together in some capacity.

Until recently, though, whatever aspirations Xiaomi had about producing an electric car didn’t matter much because government regulations placed severe limits on the kinds of companies allowed producing them in China. Xiaomi would not have been permitted to make a car of its own, and would instead have been forced to acquire an auto company just to get through the red tape.

As mentioned, until recently Xiaomi wasn’t allowed to do any kid of business in the automotive sector. China’s rules only allowed automotive companies to develop cars, and the only way Xiaomi could build a car was to buy a car company. But recently, China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) revealed a set of new regulations that allows non-automotive companies to enter the electric vehicle sector. These regulations however are currently under review and only when passed by the government, would Xiaomi get the green light to launch its first electric car.

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