Xiaomi Expands Its Line of Plant-Care Products with a Smart Flowerpot

2017 has only just started and Xiaomi is up and running and doing it fast. We already managed to give a sneak peak on its smart rear-view mirror with 8.88-inch HD display, smoke and gas detectors and a selfie-stick that doubles as a tripod. Xiaomi is turning into Ikea of the world of smart gadgets.

By the way, congratulations! Spring has officially arrived. It is time to add more green into our lives. Xiaomi sure knows how to assist. It is working on a Bluetooth-enabled flower pot called Huahuacaocao Smart Flower Pot.


  • dimensions: 165×165×161 mm (outside), 158,5×158,5×12,5 mm (inside);
  • 350 mAh battery (charges through microUSB);
  • IPX6 waterproof level;
  • LED-indicator;
  • remote control through Bluetooth 4.1 BLE;

The pot adopted a high-quality shock-resistant and corrosion-proof ABS-material. It makes a nice décor not only for your home but for your garden as well since it supports IPX6 level waterproof. The pot is 14 cm in diameter, comes only in white and has a color-matching base.

This smart flower vessel has an LED-indicator telling you one of four statuses: the pot is being charged, it needs more charge, you should add more water or the soil needs fertilizers. You can spy on the plant from a distance using the app. There you will also find info on more than 3200 species of plants and maintenance methods. The pot sports Bluetooth 4.1 protocol to sync to your smartphone.

Mi Smart Flower Pot is equipped with a 350 mAh battery that can hold up for 60-90 days without a recharge.

Previously Xiaomi also released Smart Flower and Plant Monitor that also uses sensors to monitor soil parameters and supports remote control.

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