Xiaomi first laptop will be available already in 2016!

According to some sources in Bloomberg, it became known that the company Xiaomi intends to expand its field of activities and to seriously take on the development of modern notebook.

According to early information of the agency, the debut laptops by Xiaomi, may appear on sale in the period from the beginning of January to March 2016 inclusive.

Also, it is known that the company Xiaomi has already held negotiations with the company Samsung Electronics, as a result of which were entered into a preliminary agreement regarding the possibility of supplying advanced, high-performance memory chips for the future laptops. These agreements may well cover the issue for delivery of displays for Xiaomi laptop.

Future new model by Xiaomi, most likely, will be one of the main competitors of premium notebooks - ThinkPad from Lenovo and MacBook Air from the company Apple - so it will have a pretty impressive features.

What software will choose the company Xiaomi for their laptop, it remains a mystery - perhaps it will be a Linux operating system using the elements of the new firmware MIUI V7.

In just 5 years, the company Xiaomi reached very high levels, and at the moment, thanks to the excellent value for money, is one of the top representatives in the modern smartphone market.

This price component can play a key role for successful entry into the market of the company Xiaomi laptops, and of course the price will be a factor of pressure on the industry leading companies - Apple, Lenovo, HP and others.

It should be borne in mind that in any case Xiaomi company will enter the market, which is in the process of falling (downtrend) and is projected to IDC, PC entry in the current year will be reduced by 8.7% and the recovery of the market and the positive dynamics of growth is likely all will be reached no earlier than in 2017.

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