Xiaomi Goes 1 for 2: Mi Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker

Xiaomi’s tech contributions, apart from smartphones, have always been intelligent and appropriate. The launch of “smart” home devices about 3 years ago surfaced a powerful potential of the company. Since then Mi brand continues to build a prosperous island around it, putting every gadget in the limelight and ensuring warmth, comfort and security for all the users.

Xiaomi is certain that a good beginning of the day makes it even better during the rest of the day. It becomes easier to feel fresh, full of ideas and ready to face life challenges if we simply wake up right in the morning. The company went back to the drawing board, made a couple of researches and presented a device that will encourage you to wake up! Its latest arrival Xiaomi Mi Music Alarm Clock is a hybrid of an alarm clock and a loudspeaker.

Mi Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker is made in a form of a cylinder out of anti-allergic plastic material, pleasant to touch. It will right down your alley if you have kids because it does not contain toxic chemicals. The front side is covered with a fabric, protecting a LED dial with hour and minute marks. To switch on / off the device as well as regulate volume there’s a massive button on top.

A traditional Mi Home app gives access to diverse settings of the device, e. g. the user may set time for wake-up and pick a melody. All of the tunes are soft, soothing and pleasant to the ear. Xiaomi points out such melodies cultivate a positive “tune” for the day, as opposed to rhythmic songs people tend to wake-up to in the morning. An intensive melody may jerk you out of sleep faster, however, it stresses out our nervous system. Still, if a user wants his favorite song to wake him up, Mi Alarm Clock can be connected to the phone playlist via Bluetooth.

The device can also serve as a portable loudspeaker. It will assist during your activities around the house or at work, providing with appropriate background music. Activate this function with a help of Bluetooth and play your favorite song to the world.

A sophisticated symmetrical construction is another feature Mi Alarm Clock cannot but boast: at high levels, the sound does not give off annoying “scratch” or crackling and the gadget itself stands still on the surface. With a 2600 mAh battery it works 8 hours playing music and 15 days if used only as an alarm clock.

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