Xiaomi Has a Ton of New Gadgets for Your Home, Leisure and Health

Yesterday Xiaomi held a large-scale press conference celebrating the launch of the three new products: Mi Laser Projector, Ninebot Plus Scooter and Mi Ultrasonic Toothbrush.

Mi Laser Projector

It is a home theater projector to shout about. It is one serious home laser projector that outputs 5000 lumens resulting in the quality of image that you would not expect from an average projector.

With the device like this a mind-blowing razor sharp image is to be seen. A truly cinematic visual experience is possible due to an advanced laser-powered phosphor display technology (ALPD 3.0) from Appotronics and DLP imaging chip from Texas Instruments. There is an improved eye protection sensor that reduces the laser brightness when the person is nearby.

Mi Laser Projector is equipped with beautiful depth-of-field characteristics and ultra-short focal length. The lens can deliver a short-throw distance, so in order for you to feel a 150-inch screen the projector needs a 50-cm space between where it stands and where the screen is located. On top of that, you do not need to focus it as the focus ring is much more precise now.

The projector also sports four full-range loudspeakers from Dolby Digital and DTS that will provide a clear sound. The device comes with Mi TV interface with a bunch of content.

The projector is said to last about 25000 hours, which means that if you used it for 2 hours per day, it would take nearly 34 years before you had to replace it.

Ninebot Plus Scooter

A Ninebot Mini replacement. The device is 28cm wide and has the steering bar with a fixed height. It weighs 16kg, but you do not have to carry it when you are not on board, as it has a “follow me” mode that can be set up after synchronization with your smartphone. Unlike the Ninebot Mini, you can get Ninebot Plus only in white.

Ninebot Plus Scooter features two 11-inch tires and a magnesium alloy board. The maximum speed is 18 km/h and it is powered by two 400-watt engines. If you like shooting videos while you are driving, the scooter may be useful here too. Simply insert the Xiaomi camera into a special slot and you have a “dog” perspective of what is going on around.

Xiaomi says the vehicle can handle people up to 100kg. But it comes as a mode for not only transporting yourself but also for carrying your groceries or personal items. Thanks to self-adjusting gravity function, Ninebot Plus automatically finds its balance when it carries a load.

Besides, Ninebot Plus got an improved remote control. With its help, you can lock and unlock the scooter, turn on or off the signal lights to name the few.

A battery life of Ninebot Plus Scooter is like no other. On a single charge, the scooter can last up to 35km. But how long do I need to charge it, you ask? Just around 5 hours.

Mi Ultrasonic Toothbrush

If you have ever clapped eyes on Xiaomi toothbrushes in the past, then you will be in familiar territory here, with still a few new decorations you may be interested in. Mi Ultrasonic Toothbrush got a beautiful design, high-quality DuPont StaClean bristles on the head that makes up to 31000 vibrations per minute and IPX7 water protection that allows you to wash it in any kind of water.

The gadget turned out very compact and lightweight, so you can take it with you on a trip. With the help of a special smartphone application, you can set up your own brushing speed.

Mi Ultrasonic Toothbrush owns a 700 mAh battery that should be enough for 18 days performance if you brush your teeth with it twice a day. It also comes with a convenient docking station for charging.

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