Xiaomi Has Entered the Top Three in China's Retail Trade

The Chinese retail market is growing at an impressive pace. According to the annual report of the statistical services of China, Xiaomi became one of the top three retail-market idols, taking the third place. The first positions belong to Alibaba and JD.com. Analyzing the data, you can see that Xiaomi has just a little catching up to do: JD.com has scored 92.86 points and Xiaomi is at the 87.12. But if we recall the fact that Xiaomi was established 10 years after JD.com, the difference in the number of points does not matter at all.

Meanwhile, one of the other major Xiaomi competitors, Huawei, is trying to get traction, but is still somewhere at the 5th place. Despite all the doubts, Xiaomi has managed to achieve outstanding results lately by conquering the market of China and the whole world and by becoming a world-renowned brand that Asia takes pride in. At the moment, according to calculations, about 200 million users download new updates and firmware for their smartphones weekly. The number of fans is constantly growing and the company expanded its footprint outside of the Web by opening about 100 physical stores.

The main principle is to help people get rid of thoughts that only luxury-segment products may be qualitative and prove that high-quality gadgets can be bought at affordable prices. Experts at Xiaomi constantly monitor consumer trends to give customers exactly what they want. Talent and innovative approach do their job. The company has long gone beyond the production of smartphones, turning into a huge tech conglomerate. Not one dozen of start-ups got their recognition thanks to Xiaomi crowdfunding platform.

Smart Home ecosystem is a kind of new philosophy in the world of gadgets and appliances for the house, which has collected under its roof more than a dozen of gadgets. Being a pioneer in this field, Xiaomi is developing rapidly and we can only observe and be amazed at how Xiaomi succeeds at surprising us with every other invention. And what about the fan-community? This is a place where you can read news about gadgets and communicate with the like-minded. We also should not forget about Xiaomi’s marketing strategy that has already been the subject of discussion of many experts in this field. Thus, the so called marketing “boom” is just around the corner.

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