Xiaomi Course in Alibaba and Tencent running your bank

Everyone has long known that Xiaomi - is not just a technology company that manufactures smartphones and tablets. It is something more, a company and culture that penetrates the most advanced technological areas of life. What Xiaomi Bank understands the word?

The company, in its Chinese blog on Weibo announced the launch of a new service - Xiaomi Huoqibao, which roughly translates as "savings account."

With this service Xiaomi actually have to confront giants such as Alibaba and Tencent, not to mention the hundreds if not thousands of Chinese national banks. Now in China it-banking offers better conditions and higher rates than the state and private banks. All this was made possible by dramatic development it in 2000.

According to the analytical studies late in 2014 185 million users put on deposit 578.9 billion yuan ($ 93 billion) in Yu'ebao from the Alibaba Group. Licaitong from Tencent has deposits totaling $ 100 billion yuney, 10 million people in China.

As Xiaomi going to compete with these monsters?

It would seem to offer a new player on the long-divided and formed the market? It turns out everything is simple - Xiaomi offers its users a 5% annual rate, at 4.3% rate competitors.

Xiaomi began testing its service in March. Beta-version showed good results.

As you know, the profits Xiaomi is not from the sale of iron and the embedded services such as app store and more. The company's strategy involves not only creating one product, but an entire ecosystem around it.

Now this online ecosystem joined another service - banking.



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