Xiaomi continues its international expansion

Last year the company Xiaomi slowly began to open their units in other markets outside China.

One of the largest and most successful markets for corporations Beijing was India. This is a great formuyuchyysya market where popular inexpensive and balanced smartphones with LTE module, since most of the population uses high-speed 4G mobile Internet, and not destopnym. By mid-2014 Xiaomi has sold India nearly a million smartphones.

The stunning success for the company in India is an important step and Xiaomi continues its international expansion.

Now a Chinese manufacturer chose another highly competitive and dynamic rozvyvayuchymosya market players steep country and striking Carnival - Brazil.

The conference on the launch Mi4i in Taiwan, Vice President for International Affairs Xiaomi Hugo Barra (who incidentally hails from Brazil) said the company intends to establish production of smartphones in Brazil and start there for three months.

Also, Hugo said that the post production line in Brazil is scheduled earlier than planned to make a similar line in India. By doing this, Xiaomi will avoid high taxation on import (import) of production and keep the price at an appropriate level in the country.

Beijing Corporation headed by Mr. Chun Leyem already lit in America and Europe, but provide their smart phones to these markets the company is not in a hurry.

Xiaomi called Brazil a key market for its global expansion.

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